Alex Kleyner: CEO, Real Estate Photographer, Art Enthusiast, Entrepreneur.

Who Is

Alex Kleyner?

Alex Kleyner, born in Miami, Florida, masterfully intertwines art and architecture through his photography. With a Bachelor’s degree in Photography and Architecture from a prestigious Miami art school, Alex brings a unique perspective to real estate photography. At the heart of his work in both Miami and New York City is the goal to illuminate the character and charm of each structure. His company, Alex Kleyner Photography & Design, has been instrumental in showcasing the architectural diversity of places like South Beach and downtown Miami, as well as New York’s iconic skyline. Beyond his photography, Alex Kleyner’s deep passion for architecture shines, regularly engaging in discussions about design trends and urban planning. “Through the lens, I capture the stories that buildings tell, bridging the gap between art and architecture,” he often shares.

In a world where buildings often fade into the background of our busy lives, Alex Kleyner reminds us to pause and appreciate the artistry that surrounds us. His commitment to highlighting the intricate details and stories of structures, whether it’s a modern skyscraper or a historic monument, truly sets him apart. Alex’s unwavering passion and dedication to his craft not only uplift the real estate and architectural realms but also inspire many to view the world with a more attentive and appreciative eye. His work, imbued with purpose and passion, truly embodies his belief that every building has a story waiting to be told.

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